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︎ This is Jennifer
Debut Album
Limited Edition Audio Cassette Tape, Bandcamp, Video Album
Released on Planet Jennifer Records, Inc.

This is Jennifer is a cassette tape of reworked instrumental dance songs that I found on YouTube and turned into pop songs by making structural edits and adding melodies and lyrics. The foundation of my early live performances as Jennifer Vanilla, these songs fleshed out the sonic and visual aesthetic of the project, and debuted in the form of a video album broadcast on my public access show, The Jennifer Vanilla Hour, on Queens Public Television. Certain sampled songs and texts used for this album led to their own investigations and connections: an email correspondence with Italian producer Onirico about his song “Blue Envelope,” which I had repurposed for my song “Do It,” and an unsuccessful in-depth search for the author of the 1981 self-help book, “Do It: Stop Procrastinating,” from which I sourced the lyrics of said song.

Cover image is the first photograph I ever took with a selfie stick, which went on to become a recurring accessory in Jennifer’s bag of tricks.


︎ Video Album
Broadcast as The Jennifer Vanilla Hour, “Radio for Your Television” Episode 
Queens Public Television, Queens, NY


︎ B-Sides
Additional, standalone JV edits