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︎ The Ridgewood Eye
Created by Marie Demple and Becca Kauffman
Music by Macula Dog   
Exhibited online in Flux Factory’s STROBE Network 

In collaboration with Marie Demple, we created a one-off public access television show for Queens, NY gallery Flux Factory’s online exhibition, STROBE Network. Marie designed the titles and logo, I commissioned local musical duo Macula Dog for the theme song and incidental music, and together we filmed and interviewed the owners of our three favorite independent businesses in Ridgewood, Queens. By shining a spotlight on E&J Card and Gifts, Celine's Thrift Shop, and Modo Michelangelo (all stalwarts of our neighborhood), Marie and I aimed to create a platform for longtime inhabitants to share their stories and contribute to the creation of a neighborhood time capsule. Paying tribute to the ‘anything goes' attitude of early New York public access TV with humor, DIY spirit, and at times, poignancy, The Ridgewood Eye sought to extend the collaborative process beyond our known networks, learn from the history and established networks of the local community, and together, create something new.