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︎ Conversations
Interviews for Social Forms of Art Journal
PSU Art + Social Practice publication

Obsession in Itself is Interesting
with Jeremy Deller
SOFA Journal - Spring 2023

Small Things Become Huge
with Avalon Kalin
SOFA Journal - Fall 2022

Anyone Can Do This
with Crosswalk Collective LA
SOFA Journal - Spring 2022

The Unexpected Host
with Fernando Perez
SOFA Journal - Winter 2021

Letter from the Editor
SOFA Journal - Winter 2021

Be in the Play That You’re In
with Jibz Cameron
SOFA Journal - Fall 2021

Going the Extra Mile: Luis Insists on Hardcover
with Luis Orlando Beltran
SOFA Journal - Spring 2021

Have a Nice Day: Interview with a Times Square Security Guard
with James Blount
SOFA Journal - Winter 2020
Jennifer Vanilla Goes to Therapy
with Adolfo Profumo
SOFA Journal - Fall 2020

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