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︎ Jenniferwear
Souvenirs from the Jennifer Vanilla Experience
Thrift Store-Sourced and Hand-Lettered Merchandise since 2016

Since the beginning of the Jennifer Vanilla project, I have been making one of a kind, text-based T-shirts to capture the essence of Jennifer in the moment. The Jennifer Vanilla T-shirt is conceived of as a found object-turned-souvenir: a blank, thrifted garment reinvigorated by the addition of a unique philosophical Jennifer slogan. These shirts are sold online and at Jennifer Vanilla performances as a way for audiences to embody the ethos of the Jenniferscape. A Jennifer T-shirt is designed to be a conversation piece. The slogans are cryptic, but perplexingly familiar enough to invite inquiry and dialogue, adding to a “people’s definition” of Jennifer Vanilla.

Selections from the archive