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c Jennifer Vanilla Live Shows
No two Jennifer Vanilla Experiences are alike
Ya just gotta be there.
Approximately 250 shows have been played, but to be honest I’ve never counted. Here’s a small selection.


Opening for Kikagaku Moyo
Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY, 2022
With Brian Abelson
Photographs by Cirsty Burton

Opal Underground, Holocene, Portland, OR, 2022
With Brian Abelson, Tom Manzanarez, Gilian Rappaport, Joanna Bomfim, Glen Smakula, Lindy Erkes
Photographs by MYKLFSTR

Jennifer and Its Magic
Purgatory, Brooklyn NY, 2021
With collaborating performers ryen heart and Jo Warren
Photographs by Cirsty Burton, Frankie Wiener, and Max Branigan

Jennifer and its Angels
Elsewhere, Brooklyn NY, 2021
With collaborating performers ryen heart and Jo Warren
Video stills from footage shot by Emma Callahan

Yaeji and Friends
Club Quarantine (WWW), 2020

Jennifer Vanilla Fantasy Factory
MoMA PS1 Performance Festival, NYC, 2018

With Brian Abelson, Lisa Fagan, Sam Regal, Dennis Moran,  Emma Rogers, Dani Romeo-White
Photographs by Olympia Dior. Graphic by Janna Hochberg

Transpecos, NYC, 2017

Treefort Festival, Boise, Idaho, 2019
 Photographs by Alex Hecht

Opening for YACHT
Bowery Ballroom, NYC and Johnny Brenda’s, Philly, 2018

With Elsa Brown as Jennifer Bear

Lowdown, Northampton, MA, 2017
Still from the JVCam. Full performance here.

Becca Kauffman, Jennifer Vanilla

Opening for Mr. Twin Sister
Zebulon, Los Angeles, 2018
Photographs by Daniel Padgett

Empty Bottle with Sarah Squirm, 2019                                                    Gallery 5, Richmond, VA, 2019