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Two-Single EP
Digital Release 
Co-produced with Brian Abelson
Beats in Space Records

︎LISTEN HERE: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere else you stream music. 



Space Time Motion (Official Music Video)
Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Filmed at Telefantasy Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Premiered on fourthree.boilerroom.tv 
#15 of Paste Magazine’s The 23 Best Music Videos of 2019


Shot by Stephi Duckula and Brandon Rizzuto
Production Design by Roni Levi
Video Graphics by Telefantasy Studio
Hair and Makeup by Ally McGillicuddy
Choreography by Ironstone Dance
Wardrobe by Ruth Kace, Kathryn Knowlton, Becca Kauffman

Erase the Time (Official Music Video)
Directed by Lisa Bass
Filmed in Times Square, NYC
Official Selection at Southeastern International Film Festival

With Brian Abelson as DJ, Elsa Brown as Jennifer Bear, and dancers Cherry, Andy Galloway, Thea Garlid, Michael Guardiola, Yasameen Hoffman-Shahin, Jenny Ko, Natalie Miano, Imoni Cole-Palmer, River L. Ramirez, Jacksen Raye, Jen Steinbeck, T Szilogyi, Jenny Weng, Yolette Yellow-Duke, Ash Zapac

Choreographed by Dance Lawyer 

Produced by Kate Sweeney
Wardrobe Styling & HMU: Alexandra Dorschner
Directors of Photography: Tristan Nash, Peter Reinstein
Third Camera Operator: Emma Callahan 
VHS Camera Operator: Sam Weiss
Earthcam Capturers: Brian Abelson, Sean Berman
Production Assistants: Taylor Silver, Sacha Stewart-Coleman
Jennifer's Assistant: Emma Rogers

With Brian Abelson and Elsa Brown
Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn NY

Photos by Annie Forrest

Photos by Sarah KC

Erase the Time Home Dance Routine
Choreographed by Mads Bittmann and Ditte Tygesen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Erase the Time: Original Version
Televised on The Jennifer Vanilla Hour, QPTV
Brooklyn, New York