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︎  kyealive@gmail.com @kyealive

︎Castle in the Sky
Musical Album
Released on cassette and vinyl
Co-produced with Brian Abelson
Cover art by Dang Way Olsen

Sinderlyn Records, Brooklyn, NY
︎LISTEN HERE: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere else you stream music.


Body Music (Official Music Video)
Directed by Daniel Brennan
Produced by Powered By Wind and Jason Wharton
Choreographed by Sharleen Chidiac
Makeup by Nina Carelli
With  Angelica Bess, Jade Manns, Cayleen Del Rosario, Tess Dworman,
Custom BODY MUSIC T-shirt by Anne Symons

Humility’s Disease (Official Music Video)
Directed by Luca Venter
With ryen heart and Jo Warren
SFX Makeup by Nina Carelli
Hair by Cirsty Burton
Art Department: Chris Lloyd

Take Me For a Ride (Official Music Video)
Directed by Dawn Lombardi
With Dawn Lombardi, Robin Denzer, Aimee Grumbach, Milah Libin
Shot by Dawn Lombardi, Alon Sicherman, Milah Libin
Edited by Emma Callahan
Hair and Makeup by Stephanie Peterson